من تعلم لغة قوم أمن مكرهم
Learn a language, and you’ll avoid a war.
Arab Proverb

Arabic (ARB)

While Europe was experiencing the relative intellectual stagnation of the Middle Ages, the Arab-Islamic civilization was at its zenith. Arabs contributed a great deal to the advancement of science, medicine, and philosophy. Much learning from the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine cultures was preserved for the world through the Arab libraries. Arabs have also made significant contributions in such areas as literature, mathematics, navigation, astrology, and architecture. A knowledge of Arabic enables the exploration of this vast body of knowledge in their original language. Learning Arabic is not as hard as you think! Arabic speakers are in great demand. The U.S. State Department has named Arabic a “critical language,” creating scholarships for language study in the U.S. and overseas.   Practical and curious about the world, MLD students feel that knowing Arabic will give them a career edge in such fields as diplomacy, intelligence, business, engineering, international development, and academia. With the ever-increasing importance of the Middle East in business and international affairs, Arabic is valuable languages to master. Our courses allow you to establish, enhance, or perfect your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Expand your understanding of dialect, grammar, intonations, and word usage while improving idiomatic and grammatical conversational abilities.
Elementary Arabic I is a complete beginner-level course for students who have had no previous background in Arabic. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are emphasized with an introduction to Arabic culture.
Students will continue the study of basic Arabic begun in ARB 105. They will also further their skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in Arabic.
Prerequisite: ARB 105 or departmental placement test

3CRS., 4HRS.

ARB 107
Elementary Arabic for Speakers of Arabic
This is an elementary Arabic course for students who can speak Arabic but have no formal training in the language. 
Prerequisite:  Departmental placement test

3CRS., 4HRS.

ARB 200

Arabic III
Study in this course includes a review of grammar and reading plus discussion of selected works by modern authors. Self-expression through oral and written reports is emphasized. 
Prerequisite:  Departmental placement test or approval

3CRS., 3HRS.

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