“Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter,” Yudhijit Bhattacharjee wrote earlier this year in a piece for the New York Times Sunday Review. “It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age.”

Students who study foreign languages gain access to the thrill of immersing themselves into the mindset, lifestyle and environment of a completely different culture. Very few college students get to experience such transformative and unique learning experiences. Language studies don’t just expose people to new words – it also connects people over food, visual art, politics, poetry and media. Language studies often find themselves outside their comfort zones, as they work toward speech and reading proficiency or fluency. They can find jobs with a wide range of tourism, research, retail and academic employers as instructors, interpreters or translators. Many students also get opportunities during college to study abroad, allowing them to apply their language skills in a realistic setting.

Welcome to our course list. You  will find general information regarding the topic of each course in  American Sign Language,   Arabic, Chinese, French, GermanItalian, and Spanish the grading structure, when it is offered, etc.

If you wish to advance your speaking and reading skills in modern languages, as well as your knowledge and understanding of culture, then our courses are for you. Learn through a variety of paired, small-group, and whole-class activities that rely heavily on student interaction and participation. Gain the ability to understand conversations on basic topics, exchange information, and engage in brief social interactions using phrases and sentences. Benefit from this opportunity to read and listen to a slew of authentic materials: newspaper and magazine articles, popular films and documentaries, songs, short stories, and poems.

The instructor of your course, chooses a variety of topics relevant to the class’s interests and objectives. The goals of our courses are to improve pronunciation and grammar use, increase your vocabulary, and develop more fluid conversational skills. These are accomplished through a wide range of activities: analyzing literary works, expressing opinions and ideas, acting out stories, giving cooking instructions, discussing current events, and more.

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The information provided is for scheduling purposes only. It does not assess whether you are eligible or have permission to take these courses.  The information in this Schedule of Classes does NOT guarantee a student will be able to register for a course listed as open, due to the dynamic nature of the registration process. Please note that all course offerings are subject to change. Changes in faculty availability and student enrollment can occasionally result in course cancellations.  Please be aware that instructor names are often unavailable and/or tentative until the first day of classes because schedules are not firm until that time.