The Department of Modern Languages offers the Associate of Art (A.A.) degree program in Modern Languages with a specialization in French. This interdisciplinary major will provide students with the necessary foundation in language skills and cultural literacy to engage in a professional career. In addition, this program fully articulates with Hunter College’s bachelor degree programs in Spanish languages and translation.

The Specialization in French has been designed for those interested in perfecting their command of French and eventually use it to work in such profession all areas as international business, the food,   travel and hospitality industries, the health-related professions, social work, and K-12 bilingual education. Fluency in French also opens doors at   non-profit and/or humanitarian international organizations, corporate international communications, and even government foreign policy agencies.

frn.pngThose interested in specializing in French are welcome to contact the French faculty or the chair of the Department to find out more about its requirements. Some of the new courses offered include FRN 311 French Film and Conversation, FRN 455 Advanced French Grammar and Composition, FRN 456 Advanced French Composition, FRN 470 French Modern Civilization, as well as our catalogue courses in Francophone African and Caribbean literatures, early modern and contemporary French literature. All of these courses have been developed in articulation with Hunter College to allow for a smooth transfer, should students decide to pursue a B.A. in French within the CUNY

Students who pursue a Major in French automatically become members of an exciting, small community of like-minded individuals, interested in all things French.

They are encouraged to serve as officers of the French-Speaking World Club, in which they can develop skills in leadership and community service (with credit in the co-curricular transcript from BMCC). They can also contribute essays, short stories and poems to Échos du Tout-Monde, participate in the annual Colloquium offered by the Modern Languages Department, receive updates on current French-related events in the city, and in general develop their professional and academic network through the MLD Advisory Board, French faculty, students, and alumni.


Common Core
Required Common Core
English Composition                                                   6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning         3
Life and Physical Sciences                                         3
Total Required Common Core                                   12
Flexible Core
Creative Expression                                                     3
Individual and Society                                                3
Scientific World                                                            3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity                                3
World Cultures and Global Issues                           6
Total Flexible Core                                                         18
Total Common Core                                                       30
Curriculum Requirements
French Language Requirement 1                                          15
Program Electives 2                                                                               9
General Electives                                                            6
Total Curriculum Requirements                                30
Total Program Requirements                                     60

1Choose 15 credits from FRN 200, FRN 210, FRN 311, FRN 455, FRN 430 or FRN 435, FRN 470, FRN 400, FRN 440, FRN 446, FRN 460, FRN 461, FRN 462, FRN 476 or AFN 128.
2 Choose 9 credits from AFN 122, AFN 127, AFN 128, ENG 394, FRN 400, FRN 440, FRN 446, FRN 460, FRN 461, FRN 462, FRN 476, or LIN 110.