There are numerous reasons to study Italian at MLD. A knowledge of Italian is relevant to the study of European political and social history. It is almost indispensable to those studying music, architecture or fine arts. You may also consider choosing Italian in the light of future travel, fashion or hospitality and of other subjects of interest.

Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, electromechanical machinery, shipbuilding, space engineering, construction machinery, and transportation equipment. Six of the 100 biggest global companies have their headquarters in Italy, and Italy is the world’s fifth largest industrial producer of goods. And, of course, Italy has the culture, landscapes, and history to fill a lifetime of investigation.

itl.pngAfter fulfilling basic units of language instruction, students will choose from a variety of interesting courses on the literature, culture, history, and cinema of Italy. Students majoring in areas such as music, international relations, communication, comparative literature, art history, or film will find the Italian major ideally suited to their various interests. A major in Italian Studies gives students the opportunity to gain familiarity with the Italian language and to acquire a broad education in a literary and cultural tradition central to the humanities.

We believe that your immersion in the linguistic, cultural, and literary richness of the Italian-speaking world will broaden your personal horizons and make you better-informed citizens of the world. Further, your mastery of Italian will open many doors to you professionally.

We very much hope that you will join the growing community of Italian students at MLD.  Please take the time to browse through our web site or come visit us.

Common Core
Required Common Core
English Composition                                                   6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning         3
Life and Physical Sciences                                         3
Total Required Common Core                                   12
Flexible Core
Creative Expression                                                     3
Individual and Society                                                3
Scientific World                                                            3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity                                3
World Cultures and Global Issues                           6
Total Flexible Core                                                         18
Total Common Core                                                       30
Curriculum Requirements
Italian Language Requirement 1                                       15
Program Electives 2                                                                           9
General Electives                                                         6
Total Curriculum Requirements                                30
Total Program Requirements                                     60

1Choose 15 credits from ITL 170, ITL 200, ITL 210, ITL 250, ITL 260, ITL 311 or ITL 430
2Choose 9 credits from ART 103, ENG 360, ENG 391, LIN 110, HIS 115, or SSC 150.