3 orangeYou have an ear for languages, a love of literature and a sense of adventure. You yearn to travel, live and study abroad, experiencing the world from different vantage points. You understand that language is a lens through which you perceive the world, and you’re eager to understand how language shapes communication. Our department offers a major where you focus on one of three crucial languages — French, Italian, and Spanish.

Earning your associate degree first gives you a sense of accomplishment and a diploma to hang on your wall while you continue working toward your bachelor’s degree, and no matter what your long-term goal may be, going for an associates now can give you a great jump start. Do it with us!

The Department of Modern Languages offers the Associate of Art (A.A.) degree program in Modern Languages with a specialization in French, Italian, and Spanish.

This interdisciplinary major will provide students with the necessary foundation in language skills and cultural literacy to engage in a professional career. In addition, this program fully articulates with Hunter College’s bachelor degree programs in Romance languages.

What can you do with this major?


Really anything you want! The possibilities are endless!

Whether you are considering a career in foreign languages, desire a well-rounded education, or simply enjoy languages and plan to travel for pleasure in the future, BMCC’s Department of Modern Languages can help you develop with the skills and the knowledge to meet your goals.

A strong background in foreign languages studies can lead to varied and interesting career opportunities in fields such as business, government or education. A major in foreign languages can be a stepping-stone to language-centered jobs such as interpreter, translator or teacher, as well as jobs in which foreign language skills are valuable.

Expand your mind and enhance your life by learning another language with the MLD! Learn how to engage in conversation, discuss opinions and ideas, and develop an understanding of cultures other than your own. Learning more than one language increases your job opportunities. In addition to being helpful when traveling.

An Associate of Arts (AA) degree from the MLD can give you an excellent foundation in the world language of your 96f2ea13041197.5627032bde0cb

You can work toward the AA degree for your own personal enrichment, to enhance career opportunities, or use the credits you earn to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue toward a baccalaureate degree.



We are proud to announce the launch of the New Online Curriculum: Modern Languages A.A.



Forms (all forms are in the Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Download them to your computer and print them)

  1. Change of Major 
  2. Drop from Class 
  3. Final Exam Make-up  
  4. Substitution Form 
  5. Reinstatement In Class 
  6. Schedule Planning Worksheet 
  7. Title IV Appeal  
  8. WN Reversal 


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