MLD is home for outstanding professors

Our students benefit from decades of expertise and wisdom. As a student at Modern Languages Department, you learn the latest business ideas as they are being created – not just what is written in a textbook.

All MLD courses are taught by professors, not graduate students, and one of the best things about our professors is that they are accessible to our students. They hold office hours, respond to emails, serve as concentration advisors, and mentor students for research projects.

So what does that mean to you? It means that our faculty teach their classes. It means that our faculty cultivate long-lasting mentoring relationships with the students they teach. It means that our faculty care not only about your performance on the upcoming test, but about your overall experience at MLD, and beyond. It means that our faculty will challenge you to expand your thinking and soar to heights you may not have thought possible, but they will be there to support you along the way.

With our faculty we have a wide range of expertise and experiences ready to share with you, and we are ready to challenge and support you on your academic journey. You will know your teachers; they will know you.

Our expectation and aspiration is that every student will have developed a coherent experience that builds and integrates a meaningful set of experiential learning activities in preparation for a successful and fulfilling personal, civic, and professional life.

A wide variety of opportunities to engage in experiential learning await you!

We care deeply about student success, and value learning that extends beyond the classroom. Freedom and independence are nurtured by a highly supportive community and connections that last a lifetime. Here, you can identify ways to participate in experiential learning, find out about students’ transformative experiences, and get involved in experiential learning at MLD.

Our dynamic faculty is from all over the world and give you a deeper understand of the language and culture.

Learn from Top and Passionate Professors!

Our faculty is trained to provide students with a unique set of international and interdisciplinary cultural opportunities designed to broaden their cultural horizons, enhance their intellectual flexibility, and increase their adaptability in the context of an ever-changing global workplace.