MLD offers a major with specialization in Spanish. Our mission is to educate our students in language, literature, linguistics, and Latin American and Spanish culture.

The Spanish major is designed to provide students with a proficiency in practical communicative skills in Spanish and familiarity with the cultures in which it is spoken. Fluency in Spanish is an asset in today’s job market. It’s especially crucial in the business, economic, media, and political worlds. Why? Because more than 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Apart from its demographic importance, Spanish is also important because of its cultural and literary influence. Writers such as Cervantes, Borges, and García Márquez; artists such as Goya, Velázquez, and Picasso; and the musical styles of salsa, tango, and mambo are some of the numerous contributions of the Hispanic world to world culture.

spn.pngBecause Spanish is becoming more widely used in the United States, having the ability to speak and understand the Spanish language will provide you with many professional opportunities. Our major is a valuable asset for any number of careers. The Spanish major is excellent preparation for careers in business, journalism and communications, law, medicine, the service professions, and teaching.

Globalization is part of the reality of the twenty-first century and speaking Spanish has almost become a necessity. You’ll have the chance to study your major at our MLD in vibrant New York, a city of tremendous social and economic growth, that offers many opportunities for academic and professional development in bilingual environments. In this prosperous metropolis, more than 80% of the population speaks Spanish, which makes it an ideal place for learning and practicing the language.

Spanish speakers have a competitive edge. And at MLD, the major is about more than simply mastering the language. You’ll become culturally fluent, too. Students can explore our own collection of films and instructional videos, write for Acentos Latinos, or participate in our annual Colloquium. In addition, as a Spanish major, you are encouraged to participate in our summer program in Spain to grow linguistically and expand your cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking societies. We also feature a highly qualified faculty with long years of experience, which makes our department an ideal place to study the Spanish.

This interdisciplinary major will provide students with the necessary foundation in language skills and cultural literacy to engage in a professional career. In addition, this program fully articulates with Hunter College’s bachelor degree programs in Spanish languages and translation.

Common Core
Required Common Core
English Composition                                                              6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning                     3
Life and Physical Sciences                                                    3
Total Required Common Core                                   12
Flexible Core
Creative Expression                                                                3
Individual and Society                                                             3
Scientific World                                                                         3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity                                             3
World Cultures and Global Issues                                         6
Total Flexible Core                                                         18
Total Common Core                                                       30
Curriculum Requirements
Spanish Language Requirement 1                                                               15
Program Electives 2                                                                                                       9
General Electives                                                                        6
Total Curriculum Requirements                                30
Total Program Requirements                                     60

1Choose 15 credits from SPN 200, SPN 210, SPN 311, SPN 470, {SPN 455 or SPN 456}, {SPN 430 or SPN 435 or SPN 440 or SPN 445}, or SPN 4xx (Spanish or Latin American Literature).
2 Choose 9 credits from ENG 338, HIS 130, LAT 200, LIN 110, or Caribbean Studies elective course.